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Pat Robertson: Oral Sex and Marijuana Proponent?

Conservative Christian televangelist Pat Robertson has, for many years, been infamous for his “moral crusades” to align American politics to confirm with what he interprets as Christian ideals. He once compared being gay to bestiality, feminism to witchcraft, denied that Islam was a “real religion” and in fact called it “the Antichrist”, and denies the validity of the concept of separation between Church and State.

His words once held strong sway in the media, but his popularity has waned in past few years, paving the way for other ultra-conservatives like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to assume the spotlight. But Robertson is back in the news for surprising reasons. He has on multiple media outlets advocated for the legalization of marijuana, stating “”If people can go into a liquor store and buy a bottle of alcohol and drink it at home legally,” … “then why do we say that the use of this other substance is somehow criminal?” (source:

And even more surprisingly, Robertson gave the A-OK to an act some ultra-conservatives may see as “sin”: oral sex!  In response to a question posted on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s show 700 Club “Is oral sex between a husband and wife in a marriage a sin?” Robertson responded, “I think it’s evidence of love and compassion and affection between two people who are married.” (source:

We’ve already reported on the popularity of sex toy websites for Christian couples, so perhaps it’s only a matter of time before an open minded Pat Robertson becomes a proponent of them for happily married couples, as well.

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