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Inventory for your sex toys home party business

Inventory for your sex toys home party business

Should I carry inventory for my sex toys home party business? yes! The home party business is an impulse buy business based on your presentation at the party. In order to maximize your sales and cash flow, you need to [...]

Get bookings for your sex toy home party at your party

Get bookings for your sex toy home party at your party – wholesale sex toy home party distributor gives advice on getting more bookings at your home party.

Creative ideas to increase bookings for your adult product home party business

Creative ideas to increase bookings for your adult product home party business a wholesale distributor of adult products gives you several ideas to help you get more bookings for your adult product home parties.

Christian Grey uses riding crop on Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey

Christian Grey uses riding crop on Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey

In the book Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian Grey used a “riding crop” on his partner Anastasia a few times in the book and she found it erotic. As result we have had several inquiries about and sales of riding [...]

Christian Grey uses restraints erotically on Anastasia In Fifty Shades of Grey

Christian Grey uses restraints erotically on Anastasia In Fifty Shades of Grey

In the book Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian Grey uses restraints erotically on Anastasia. There are several scenes in the book where Mr. Grey restrains his partner. We discuss this as well as the several restraining items we sell on [...]

Start a home party sex toy business with

Start a home party sex toy business with

In this video we talk about how to get started with your own Home Party Sex Toys business. Your success depends on your ability to invite people to a party, put on a good presentation, and then bring your guests [...]

How to find sex toys for your business at our wholesale site

How to find sex toys for your business at our wholesale site

Tour of home page, category page, and product information page to help you understand all of features to help you find the sex toys you want to buy for your business at our wholesale site

Phil Varone at AVN adult video awards

Phil Varone at AVN adult video awards

Phil Varone, founding member of the band Saigon Kick, and well know band member of Skid Row, recently added comedy to his resume with as his main sponsor. Sex Toy dave and Phil soon became friends and Dave got [...]

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How Apple’s Stock Can Hit $1,000 per Share with Sex Toys and Adult

Apple recently became the most valued company by market cap in the world, worth nearly $560 billion, more than $150 billion higher than second-place Exxon Mobil (Source: redOrbit (  Its stock just broke through $600 per share and could climb [...]


China Policy Shapes the Future of the Sex Toy Industry

There’s a new catch phrase in the presidential debates this year: top candidates have been sparring over the China issue. GOP nomination front runner Mitt Romney has made many public statements criticizing Obama for shipping jobs to China, reminding voters [...]


Valentine’s Day 2012: Successful Sales for Retail, Food Service and Sex Toys

The economy may be in recession, but that hasn’t stopped Valentine’s day sales from reaching better than expected numbers, welcome news for retailers everywhere. According to the National Retail Association, approximately $17.6 billion was spent on romance-related goods in 2012 [...]

Niche Dating Sites Explode in Popularity – Sex Toy Dating Sites on the Horizon

One of the biggest trends to hit society at large is the growing popularity of food culture, and closely following those coat tails is a dating site just for “foodies,” co-branded with the website called “howaboutwe” (via Users [...]


Black Friday 2011: Bargain Hunting for Sex Toys Starts Early This Year

Image from Walmart has announced that it will be opening its stores early for Black Friday this year, opening at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day. It will joining the ranks of Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic in opening their [...]


Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos: Good for Business

Earlier this week, nude photos of Scarlett Johansson leaked online, which implicate that the cell phone hackers who also released nude photos of superstar celebrities Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, and Ali Larter have targeted her. They join other [...]


Are Sex Toys Next for Target?

On September 13th, 2011, Target department stores and launched their line of Missoni clothing.  The Missoni collaboration line was so popular that it sold out within moments from shops across the U.S., while the online store went down for [...]

SexToyClub Relaunches with New Design and Smart Cart Logic for Wholesale Division

LOS ANGELES, August 16, 2011 / / is excited to announce the launch of a totally redesigned and upgraded website for its customers.  The new site adds a more intuitive navigation, added functionality, live chat support, paypal integration and [...]

luigi diamanti /

Report: People Turn to Sex During Economic Crisis might be the largest online retailer of sex toys and products related to insertion, O-faces and orgasms – they have more than 40,000 toys in their database alone. Founder Dave “Sex Toy Dave” Levine (you may know him from [...]


Masturbation Facts: Top 10 Interesting Things You Should Know About Solo Sex

1.    Did you know that 53% of women use vibrators for masturbation?  Also, using a vibe positively affects desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasms. 2.    And, it’s not only women who get off with vibration.  Approximately 44.8% of guys have reportedly [...]


Top 10 G Spot Facts, Or, How to Find & Pleasure YOUR G Spot

The G spot has remained an elusive area of the female anatomy mainly because when it is not aroused, it is hard to find.  Debates have raged and the media has cloaked the mystery of the G spot in myths. [...]

caveman- dildo

Top Ten Sex Toy Facts!

Here are some fun, interesting, weird and wonderful sex toy facts! Did you know… 1.    The world’s oldest dildo is made of siltstone, is about 28,000 year old and 20 cm in length and was discovered in Germany. 2.    Dildos [...]


Spring Cleaning For Your Sex Toys

Maintaining your sex toys and keeping them clean is important for sanitary reasons. Ok, Spring has sprung and besides getting Spring Fever, it also means it is time for Spring Cleaning.  So while you are thinking about cleaning the house, [...]

mfw-new-screenshot’s Affiliate Program Announces Major Upgrade to Website

Los Angeles, CA – April 25th, 2011 –, the webmaster affiliate division of, announces a major upgrade to the world’s oldest adult sex toys affiliate program.  The latest version delivers more easy to find information and enhanced sales [...]

eco-sexy green sex toy guide

Top 10 List of Green (Eco-sexy) Sex Toys Guide

The latest trend in the sex toy industry is new “green” eco-friendly sex toys and adult products.  “Green” sex toys include those made of natural materials like wood, glass, metal and ceramic.  Rechargeable vibrators or those run by solar power [...]

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The Best Sexy Adult Sex Toy Products for Metrosexual Guys-Pamper Yourself

A great adult sex toy product guide for metrosexual guys who want to look good, smell great, and be uber sexy.  Yeah, you’re a man, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself. You’ve probably tried a number [...]


Infographic- Sex Toys

 Infographic- Sex Toys  


Top 10 Discrete Sex Toys You Can Use in Public Without Getting Caught

Sex toys aren’t just for the bedroom anymore. With the stresses of daily life, sometimes we need a little release during the day while at work, in our car or traveling. The thing is to not get caught.  Here are [...]

sextoydotcom first Wholesaler to Distribute Ideal International Group’s line of Ultra Zone and Fun Zone Sex Toys, the wholesale and drop ship distribution arm of is pleased to announce that it has been selected as Ideal International Group’s launch partner for the new Ultra Zone and Fun Zone line of adult sex toys.  The sleek [...]


Sex and Food-Best Ways to Use Food for Sex

Your sex life is a little boring and your mind keeps going to the kitchen scene in “9 ½ Weeks”. You know the one with food and debauchery on the kitchen floor. Let life imitate the movies and make your [...]


Flower Sales Down and Sex Toy Sales Up – Adult Toys Grabbing Larger Share of the Romantic Gift Budget this Valentine’s Day is reporting even stronger than expected sales this Valentine’s Day while other industries like flowers and diamonds are still struggling due to the sluggish economy.  These numbers show a shift in the American attitude towards Sex Toys as well [...]

XBIZAwards2011 Wins the 2011 XBiz Award Web Retailer of the Year

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 13, 2011, the online leader in adult sex toy sales has won XBiz’s coveted 2011 Web Retailer of the Year award. With an impressive and competitive field of over 15 finalists, took home [...]

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