The Best Sexy Vacation Destinations for Swingers and Hedonists

A Sexy Travel Guide to the best swinger’s resorts, lifestyle vacation spots, cruises, clothing optional resorts, adult travel, nudist beaches, and erotic vacations ideas.

Club Med isn’t for everyone. If you’re not vanilla mainstream America, you want a different kind of vacation spot to unwind and enjoy the view. Here are a few spots you can bring your boyfriend, girlfriend or friends with benefits.

1. Tropical resorts are a great place to vacation. Just about every luxury beach in the world has a resort that caters to swingers, nudists and lifestylers. Try Spice Lifestyle in Spain, Private Village in Ibiza, Mi Amor in Costa Rica, Eden Bay Resort & Spa in the Dominican Republic, Hidden River Resort on the Georgia/Florida Line, and Desire Resorts in Los Cabos and Riviera Maya and/or Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs. The awesome thing besides acceptance and no judgment is that you can get package deals, including all-inclusives that include pretty much everything except drinks, tipping the staff and gambling (if it’s an option). Make sure you do your research and find out the rules regarding sexual activities, whether clothing is optional or not, and how far you can go with public displays of affection. Some even offer themed weekends or events for an added bonus.

2. Swinger’s Cruises let you take the resort and set sail. Check out Yolo Cruises, Swinger Cruises and Dream Pleasure Cruises to find a cruise that’s right for you. Many offer all you can eat and drink and an orgy on the open water without limitations of public nudity and sexual activities. Get naked and nasty and never worry about who’s watching.

3. Join a local swingers group and group travel. Find a club in your area using the Swing Lifestyle site. Many resorts offer their facilities to be taken over for the weekend (or longer) for these types of groups at a bargain rate. And when you get back into town, you’ll have some new friends to continue playing with. Group travel usually involves destination travel and has non-stop partying (drinking, dancing and sex) along with theme nights, workshops, sex ed classes and party games.

4. Check out a Hedonist Resort in a tropical place like Jamaica—-these places get people from all walks of life (doctors getting it on with painters), many are in their 30s to 40s, and the men outnumber the women (sometimes 8 to 1, which is great if you’re a bi male). And you can either join in the sex or just watch. Many are very affordable, so don’t count on a luxury hotel or gourmet food.

5. If going out of town on a fancy cruise or resort doesn’t fit into your budget, do the City Club Tour. Do a little research and find out where the swingers clubs are—-stay in your area or do a little road trip. San Francisco is a great destination with its clubs, kinky play parties and scenes with young hot couples, including Gold Club and Ra-Ha Club. Seattle is another good choice with places like Love Lounge and the Wet Spot. New Orleans has the world famous Colette on-premise club just outside of Bourbon Street. Most major cities have on and off site premise clubs for swingers, including Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and New York.

6. Another cheap swinger style getaway is heading to the Nude Beach—go local (if you can) or hop in the car and get out of town. If you have the cash, you can even hit Ibiza in Spain, the Côte d’Azur in France, Perth, Australia or Zipolite on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. While you can get naked, they don’t allow public sex, so you and your new friends will need to get a room.

7. And if all else fails, head to Vegas. It’s a city full of debauchery and you can get into any type of fun you like. Save a few bucks and visit during the week. Many of the major hotels offer rooms under $50 a night, which means more money for booze, “girl friend experiences”, strip clubs and gambling.

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