Top 10 Sex Positions-The Kama Sutra Sex Positions Guide using Liberator Sex Shapes with Photos

Here are some of the most popular Kama Sutra Positions that lovers can use with Liberator Sex Furniture to enable them to get into the positions easier.  The examples shown are mainly heterosexual, but can be used with other gender combinations.

Wedge- The Wedge can be used for several positions and is the most versatile Liberator Shape next to the Ramp and the Wedge/Ramp combo.

1.    The Flower Press position is a face to face, man on top position and is a variation of the missionary position.  The woman lies on her back with the Wedge positioned under her behind to support her hips and thrust her pelvis up high.  Once she is penetrated by her partner on top, she positions her feet on his shoulders, knees belt to her chest.  This position is one of the best of stimulating the G spot and allows for deep penetration.  From this position the man can kneel while the woman straightens her legs on his chest, and he can hold on to her ankles and open her wide for deeper penetration.

2.    The Cowgirl position is face to face, woman on top position and is the best position for accessing the G spot because the woman controls the angle, rhythm and depth of penetration.  The man lies on his back, his neck and shoulders and butt supported by two Ramps.  The woman climbs on top to maximize G spot stimulation.  In this position she can sit straight up and ride him, lean forward to embrace him, or lean back to get maximum positioning for the G-spot.

3.    The Lazy Doggie style position is man behind the woman with her hips supported by the Wedge and butt thrust up, back arched.  This position is also great for G spot stimulation and allows the man to target the G spot by thrusting downward.

Ramp- The Ramp is the most versatile shape as it allows for a greater degree of position angles and when paired with the Wedge, the possibilities are endless.

4.    The Tortoise Tuck position is similar to missionary, with the woman on her back supported by the Ramp.  She brings her knees to her chest as the man penetrates her face to face.  This position allows for deep penetration and more forceful thrusting, a pleasure for both partners.

5.    The Tiger position is similar to Doggie Style.  Reverse the Ramp and place it on the edge of the bed with the woman on her knees, stomach supported by the Ramp, but raised high in an extreme angle.  The man stands next to the bed thrusts forcefully, thus allowing for a higher angle of positioning.

6.    Doggie Style position requires the woman to lean over the Ramp with her pelvis and butt raised high for penetration.  The man can kneel behind her, or stand next to the bed for deeper thrusts.  This position is great for G spot or anal sex as well.

Wedge/Ramp Combo- The Wedge/Ramp combo can do all the positions that the Wedge and Ramp do solo, but aids in greater flexibility, more extreme positions and extra comfort.

7.    The Sesame Seed with Rice position can be done with either man on top or woman on top with the top partner curled up and embracing the bottom partner closely.  This is an intimate position perfect for slow, sensual lovemaking.

8.    The Reverse Cowgirl position is woman on top with her behind facing the man’s (or in this case woman’s) pelvis and is a rear entry position.   In this position the Ramp supports the man’s back while the Wedge position’s his pelvis and raises it high as she climbs on top.  She can then lean way forward, holding his knees, as she gyrates on top.  This position is excellent for G spot as the woman is in control. See video above.

Scoop- The Scoop is the best shape to use for a rocking sexual position.  It is also perfect for positions in which the partner on bottom needs to stretch out and arch their back.

9.    The Milk and Water is a classic sitting position with woman on top, man sitting on top of the Scoop with the round side up.  This position allows for greater intimacy such as eye gazing and embracing for an intense emotional connection.  The Scoop supports both lover’s movements.

10.    The Monkey is a woman on top position with the man sitting on top of the Scoop, hump side up.  The woman positions herself on top, and then drapes her legs over him while supporting herself with her arms behind her. The man must support her weight with his thighs and arms as he pulls her towards him, sliding her back and forth.

Many of the above positions can be used with the smaller Liberator shapes as well including the Axis, the Hipster, the Jaz, the Whirl and the Flex Ramp and Flip Ramp which are variations of the Wedge/Ramp Combo.

Try the Black Label Liberator Shapes for exciting bondage positions with the restraints are already built in.

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