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How to use Sex Toys in Public without Getting Caught

Sex toys aren’t just for the bedroom anymore. With the stresses of daily life, sometimes we need a little release during the day while at work, in our car or traveling. The thing is to not get caught.

   1. Wireless remote controlled panties are one of the most amazing inventions. Get off in a plane, train or in the car. Best part is no one will know because you wear them under your clothes.

   2. It looks like lipstick and you can carry it in your purse or stash it in a make-up bag, but it’s really a vibrator in disguise. This will make traffic a lot less stressful—you just need to watch the faces you make. No “O” faces  and keep the windows rolled up.

   3. Mini back massagers are another innocent toy that you can leave in plain view. When the day gets stressful, a lady can just close her office door and use it under the desk or sneak into the bathroom at the subway for a quick pick-me-up.

   4. Luxury Items - Some toys can double as art and no one will be the wiser. The Lily vibrator looks more like a remote or object d’art than a powerful vibe. Perfect to use in the car or anywhere you can get away and slightly out of site.

   5. Benwa Balls are one of the oldest sex toys and are great for orgasms and tightening up the pussy. The trick is that you have to be good at holding them up there—you will need to train your muscles to hold them in. PTA meetings will be so much more enjoyable when your mind starts to wander with bliss. Also great for the shopping mall. Some Ben Wa Balls offer vibration, too.

   6. Pocket Masturbators - Guys if you are unfamiliar with pocket masturbators, you need to get on board. Pop it in your pocket to take a break in your car in the parking garage, in the stall in the men’s room or anywhere you can duck into (broom closet?). Like the ladies, you need to keep the noise down once you’re about to pop.

   7. Mini – Bullet - Another toy the ladies love to have handy is the mini bullet. This is also great for the car, with the office door closed or in the bathroom at the airport. And if you get caught (or interrupted) just toss it in your pocket and act normal.

   8. Everyday normal items - If you’re staying with a friend, you need to have some “me” time. The vibrating duck is innocent and oh so perfect. You can leave it in the bathroom and no one will be the wiser. Get the model with the boa feathers and diamonds and you can keep it on or in your desk at work—just say it was a bachelorette gift. Make sure to keep some travel packs of lube handy for this one.

   9. Coy Cock Rings – Need a little staying power?  Carry around a cock ring. It fits right in your pocket and can be worn out in the restaurant to keep you hard and in anticipation for when you want to prolong things with your lady.

  10. No one knows Nipple Clamps - And lastly, if have sensitive nipples, why not walk around all day with nipple clamps. It might be a bit much after an hour, but they can go undetected if you wear a bra. Sneak into the bathroom on your break and masturbate with them on—better than a Kit Kat, for sure!


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