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Amber Rose - Will She Accept Sex Toy Dave's Offer?'s Offer in The News

As first reported by TMZ, Founder and CEO "Sex Toy Dave" has offered Amber Rose an exclusive deal to produce her very own line of prostate massagers molded from the same hand containg Kanye's favorite finger. is the largest distributor of sex toys sold online, and wants to educate people on the joys of prostate stimulation, something that has long been considered taboo.

Although Amber Rose has yet to respond to the proposal, her very public Twitter feud with Kanye West has already brought attention to the topic of the prostate, often referred to as the "male G-Spot", and to "Prostate Massage".

TMZ Breaks the Story

Daily News

Perez Hilton


Prostate Massagers and Finger Vibrators

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