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Liquid Latex in an assortment of colors for body painting.


There's no better way to create stunning body art than with liquid latex. Perfect for foreplay or for creating that sexy skin-tight look for special events, liquid latex body paint can be painted directly onto the body using foam brushes and rollers. Liquid latex is very similar in consistency to house paint but is made from body-safe, non-irritating ingredients. When in the jar, the latex has a liquid consistency, but when painted on the body it transforms into an elastic rubber that molds to the body. Liquid latex paint is amazingly easy to remove. Once it has fully dried onto the body, you can simply peel it off whenever you're ready. Each formula is designed for several hours of vivid wear.

SexToy offers the absolute best selection of quality liquid latex for body painting, including metallic, neon and glow-in-the-dark liquid latex that's great for late-night dance parties and romantic encounters. We also carry liquid latex brushes, high-density foam rollers and other application essentials that ensure that paint goes on smoothly. Create elaborate painted-on costumes with options by Liquid Latex Fashions, Simply Latex, Liquid Latex and other top brands. These manufacturers make body-safe, easy-to-apply body paint products designed to last throughout all your events and adventures. Choose ammonia-free, FDA-approved body paint from SexToy. offers liquid latex in every color, size and style imaginable. We offer options ranging from 2-ounce sample-sized jars all the way up to 16-ounce options plus liquid latex kits that include a variety of colors. Please note that a single 4-ounce jar contains enough liquid latex to cover the entire body one time. Stock up on several 4- or 8-ounce bottles from our shop to create dozens of intricate displays. Naturally, we do not recommend these products for those with latex allergies. Every single order from SexToy includes a 100 percent satisfaction and privacy guarantee, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible quality plus discreet shipping and billing.

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