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Transgender Apparel and Breast Forms in various sizes.

Whether you're in the process of transitioning or have a trans fetish, is the best place to gear up for your gender transformation. We have trusted transgender apparel and essentials, including top-rated breast forms, butt forms and more that are incredibly realistic. We also supply a great selection of packing dildos and accouterments that will make you feel your absolute best. Additionally, we offer packing panties and bras that make trans dressing more comfortable and adaptable. Pick up all your favorites from SexToy and take advantage of free shipping on orders over $55.

We're proud to offer a collection of Transform breast forms and accessories available in a huge variety of sizes and options for a true-to-life look. Transform breasts are designed for superior softness and realism and will fit beautifully and comfortably beneath your clothing. The nipples are also designed for a lifelike look, with supple textures that blend smoothly, just like real nipples. Our small, medium, large and huge breast forms are easy and secure to wear, with included adhesive pads that can be replaced as they lose their stickiness. SexToy also offers breast form bras that ensure all-day comfort.

We stock realistic looking packing dildos by Doc Johnson and Pleasure Works. Packing dildos can be used for soft packing - padding the underwear to create the sexy look of a real bulge - or for hard packing - the act of packing for penetrative sex. Be sure to click on each packing dildo to learn more about its specific uses. These are highly realistic, soft dildos that feature testicles and veins for real-looking packing. Some are harness compatible for versatile use as a strap-on. always keeps your information private with discreet billing and shipping. We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction and privacy with every order.

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