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Sexual Enhancers For Men including creams, lotions and sprays to enhance performance.


Enhance libido, sustain erections and bring added pleasure to your sexual pursuits with these men's sexual enhancers from SexToy. We're your one-stop shop for all male enhancement products, including erection sustaining lotion, male enhancement cream, desensitizing lotion, performance boosting pills and so much more. Top brands like Doc Johnson and Nasstoys offer safe, all-natural and effective products that support male performance and enhance your sex drive. Add these magic potions to your toolkit so you're always ready when the opportunity presents itself.

It doesn't matter your specific concern, SexToy has a product to help correct it. Looking for a great way to sustain erections? Best-sellers like Power Plus Delay Creme and Forever Yours Delay Creme simultaneously keep you harder for longer while effectively delaying ejaculation. Some of these fantastic products are gently flavored and edible, so they're completely oral-friendly. Many contain desensitizing agents such as benzocaine to effectively prevent premature ejaculation and are completely condom- and lube-compatible for safe, enjoyable sex. If you need penis enhancers, check out some of our penis enhancement pills and creams that thicken and elongate.

We also specialize in selling male libido boosts, including pheromone products designed to boost your sex drive on contact. Many of these formulas offer dual-action benefits that prolong erection while simultaneously cooling, desensitizing, moisturizing, tingling and thickening. Additionally, we're happy to provide options for all allergies and skin types, including latex-free, oil-based, paraben-free, silicone-based and glycerin-free options. SexToy is the best place to buy sexual enhancers for men, because we cover every single order with a 100 percent privacy guarantee that includes discreet shipping and billing. Order now and receive free shipping on orders of $55 or more.

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