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Anal douches and enema supplies for erotic sensations and anal play preparation.

Enjoy the feeling of extreme cleanliness as you prepare for your next anal adventure with an enema or anal douche. has everything you need to prep for your next sexual session. Shop supplies to perform your favorite cleansing method, including enemas and anal douches for people of every experience level. Proper anal hygiene not only enhances your anal experience, but also limits your exposure to bacteria and keeps you better protected from infection. These products are made from comfortable, body safe materials for irritation-free use.

Pick out a powerful shower enema or enjoy the gentle cleansing sensation of a squeeze bulb as you clean out one of your most intimate areas. These products are easy to use and feature soft, gentle tunnels that deliver a flush of water to sanitize and remove any buildup. We recommend using your anal douche about an hour before intercourse and inserting using your favorite anal lube. Squeeze bulbs are excellent for targeting hard-to-reach anal zones by delivering a powerful stream of water deep into the anus. They also offer quick, minimal cleanup and are designed for easy storage after use.

Many people recommend the use of enemas for pleasure, as the stream of water provides a gentle yet enjoyable sensation. stocks the best selection of anal enemas and douches on the market. Buy bestsellers by top brands known for quality and pleasure, such as Clean Stream, Colt and California Exotic Novelties. Be sure to explore the reviews on our bestsellers, such as the California Exotic Novelties Anal Douche, to get the inside-scoop on each option. Just like all of our sex toys, anal douches and enemas come standard with discreet shipping and billing for low-key purchasing.

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