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Shaving and Intimate Care products to keep you smooth, clean and fresh.


Post-shave softness and smoothness is no challenge for these shaving and intimate care products from SexToy. We offer the world's best shaving cream and shaving gel for women and men, including moisturizer-rich formulas that guarantee a soft, irritation-free result. We also carry a great selection of high-quality bikini trimmers, personal shave kits and bikini shaping tools to help you achieve the perfect shape and landscape. SexToy is a great place to buy all your personal care items, because we include discreet shipping and billing with every order. Whether you want to go full-on Brazilian or simply trim things up, these products will help you achieve your specific vision.

Get the softest possible post-shave skin with our decadent women's shave cream by Coochy, JO, Body Boudoir and more. Topical shave creams are enhanced with decadent, all-natural ingredients that moisturize and refresh without irritating the skin. You'll be able to go bare without bumps and redness with these rash-free shaving gels and creams from top manufacturers. Many of these formulas are designed specifically for shaving the pubic area, so they include added moisturizers and vitamins to treat the body's most sensitive skin. We've got shaving cream for everyone, including latex-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, water-based, scented and hypoallergenic shaving cream.

SexToy is also pleased to offer the GoGirl Female Urination Device - a silicone device that allows women to urinate in a standing position. This handy urination helper comes in lavender and khaki and is easy to store discreetly and hygienically in your purse. We offer various female urination devices in many colors and options for easily transporting on your next big adventure. is happy to offer free shipping deals and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on everything we carry. We take our customers' privacy and satisfaction very seriously at

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