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Sex Instruction books on a wide array of sexy topics like oral sex, sex positions and more.


Whether you're an old pro or a beginner looking for tips and tricks, these sex instruction books will help you perform at your best. Each one is jam-packed with useful information, like how to give the best oral sex or how to please a woman in a way she'll remember forever. We offer titles overflowing with all-new sex positions - like the must-have 365 Sex Positions - plus Kama Sutra books, masturbation books and much more in this erotic library. Sex experts like Randi Foxx, Anne Hooper, Lou Paget, Jessica O'Reilly and more give step-by-step instruction to help you become a more memorable lover.

We offer titles covering a wide variety of topics, such as anal sex, oral sex, lesbian sex positions, clitoral stimulation, gay sex positions, acrobatic sex, marathon sex and more. Pick up one of our many Kama Sutra books if you're looking for basic or in-depth information covering the classic Kama Sutra with practical, updated advice for the modern lover. Looking for a subtle way to hint to your partner that you want to try something new? A fetish-specific sex instruction manual is a great way to get the conversation going free of pressure. Simply put, if you're into it, we've got a book to cover it.

Handy guides to oral sex meet pocket-sized sex position manuals in our great assortment. Browse all of our titles to find a guide that meets your specific bedroom goals and helps you please your partner like never before. These sex manuals are just one component of an enormous selection of adult books available at We have erotic fiction, erotic audio, sexy comic books and more racy reading options. Everything from our store ships to you in a super discreet, nondescript package for guaranteed privacy.

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