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Pocket pussies from simple to deluxe and extreme models molded like the real thing with realistic materials.


When you want a self-pleasure experience that's almost as good (or better!) than the real thing, pick up a pocket pussy from Pocket pussies are ultra-realistic pocket masturbators for men, with tantalizing head and shaft stimulators that are sure to induce mind-blowing orgasms. These pocket masturbators have vagina-shaped openings and soft, realistic inner tunnels for a true-to-life sensation. Some come with a hard, protective case for discreet storage.

Find your dream fake pussy by Adam & Eve Toys, SexFlesh, Pipedream and Fleshlight in our huge selection. We have literally hundreds of styles to choose from, including exhilarating vibrating pocket pussies and arousing waterproof styles that you can use in the shower. You'll enjoy pleasure-packed experiences like escalation, pulsation, rotation and stroking with these fantasy-fulfilling products. All of our men's toys from are backed by a privacy and satisfaction guarantee.

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