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Masturbation sleeves for men in simple discreet styles with ribs and stimulation textures for added pleasure.


Take your next personal pleasure session to the next level with a satisfying masturbation sleeve from our huge selection. Masturbation sleeves are masturbatory devices used by men to add sensation and texture to their solo sex experience. The sleeve, or vaginal tunnel, has an open end for inserting the penis. They're textured with tantalizing nubs, ribs and studs that stimulate the tip and shaft of the penis. These sex toys are a must-have in the bedroom of any adventurous individualist.

At, you'll find hundreds of high-quality penis sleeves, including hand-held vibrating, pulsating, rotating and stroking styles. Some are designed to simulate the experience of anal or oral sex. You can easily narrow down your search by your favorite sex toy brand, shape, feature, size, color or material to ensure that yours feels tailor-made to you. offers the best selection of quality men's toys, vibrators, dildos and more that are always priced right.

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