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Fragrance and Pheromones to attract your lover in a variety of arousing scents.


Sex appeal in a bottle, love potions, secret sauce - whatever you call it, we've got it! These alluring fragrances and pheromone sprays are scented products used to arouse the sense of smell and attract potential partners. Sex pheromones are secreted chemical factors that trigger an erotic response from those around you. Whether worn at the gym, at the bar or in your very own bedroom, pheromone perfume and cologne is sure to get your partner in the mood fast. has sexy fragrances with or without added pheromones by Eye of Love, DONA by Jo, Body Boudoir and much more.

We carry pheromone spray for men and women in this great selection. Each formula is body-safe and pheromone-infused for an irresistible aroma. We're proud to offer best-selling DONA body sprays and fragrances at SexToy. This top manufacturer not only offers pheromone-infused products, but also adds sexy aphrodisiacs to each formula to heighten sexual arousal. From shimmering body spray to indulgent fruity fragrances, DONA products are sure to get you in the mood in the bedroom or before a night out. All of these formulas are free of hormones and animal byproducts. offers pheromone perfume and fragrances that are flavored, scented and long-lasting. Additionally, we carry a variety of specialty erotic perfumes that won't irritate your specific skin type, including paraben-free, oil-based and glycerin-free sprays. These sexy perfumes and colognes make great gifts for your favorite single pal and can be added to any naughty gift basket for spoiling your partner. Like all the products for sale at SexToy, our fragrances and pheromone sprays come standard with discreet billing and shipping. Buy all your favorites today and enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders.

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