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Sex Toy-Cleaners to clean and disinfect sex toys.


Using regular soap to clean your sex toys is not only harmful to your toys, but can also be harmful to you. We always recommend stocking up on toy-specific sex toy cleaner from our selection to ensure that your toys are clean and ready to go for years of use. SexToy offers sex toy cleaning spray that disinfects and refreshes toys made of silicone, PVC, latex, flesh-like materials and all other common sex toy materials. Almost all of these top-notch adult toy cleaners are made with powerful anti-bacterial ingredients - such as Triclosan - that are always non-irritating to your skin. SexToy also carries renew powders for realistic sex toys as well as handy sex toy cleaning wipes.

These cleaners are designed for quick spray-and-wipe application so you can instantly spray them down post-playtime and pre-storage. Simply spray your toy, rinse thoroughly and then wipe completely dry with a cloth. Sex toy spray is uniquely designed to thoroughly clean away body fluids, lubricant, dust and other debris to keep your toy completely free of bacteria, odors and stickiness. Many are soap-free, paraben-free and sugar-free and are not tested on animals, so you can buy in good conscious. Be sure to explore our top-rated sex toy cleaning sprays by Jimmyjane, Pink, Pipedream Extreme Toyz, Doc Johnson and Zero Tolerance Toys.

Looking for the perfect Fleshlight cleaner or realistic toy cleaner? We've recommend Fleshwash Toy Cleaner, a liquid sex toy spray that's specifically designed for Fleshlights and other realistic sex toys. Additionally, we carry the popular Pipedream Extreme Fanta Flesh Care Kit, a FantaFlesh cleaner kit that includes revive powder, toy cleaner spray and lube. Make sure to add one of these effective cleaners to your next sex toy order from our store. SexToy is a preferred adult toy retailer because we've been supplying discreet sex toy purchasing for over 20 years. All your toy cleaners include a 100 percent satisfaction and privacy guarantee.

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