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Wireless Remote Vibrating Egg - Pink Sex Toy Product

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Wireless Remote Vibrating Egg - Pink Sex Toy Product Image 2

Wireless Remote Vibrating Egg - Pink

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(16 Reviews)
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Price:   $34.99
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Product Details

  • Weight: 3.84 Ounces
  • Width: 1.40 Inches
  • Length: 3.00 Inches
  • Features: Waterproof ,
    Waterproof - A seal or ring that prevents water from damaging the battery compartment. Splashproof can be splashed with water, but cannot be submerged. A toy with this capability will expand play time to a new level of fun! Not only can you play in the bedroom, but si
    Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Multi-Vibration ,
    Multi-Vibration - A toy that has various rhythms of vibration for when steady vibration isn't enough. Pulsate your way to your next orgasm.
    Multi-Speed ,
    Multi-Speed - A toy that has varying levels of vibration speed.You are able to control the level of speed based on your preference.
    Latex Free, Wireless Remote
    Wireless Remote - A wireless toy operated through radio waves by a controller. Put your partner in control of your orgasm with this wireless remote control.
  • Functions: Vibrates ,
    Vibrates - A balanced motion with no change in pattern.
    Pulsates ,
    Pulsates - A pattern of vibration that is rhythmic or irregular.
    Escalates - A pattern of vibration that increases in intensity.
  • Materials: Plastic
    Plastic - Plastic is a synthetic polymer best known for its rigidity. The most common plastic is ABS, which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Plastics are durable with a high impact resistance. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Pink
  • Powered By: AAA Battery, N Battery
  • Batteries Required: 3
  • Manufacturer: Blush Novelties
  • UPC: 735380143305
  • SKU: CNVELD-9845-12
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Product Description

You'll be delightfully satisfied with the 10 functions of pleasure The Remote Vibrating Egg from Blush delivers with its silky smooth satin finish that glides effortlessly over the body. The wireless remote control boasts a range of up to 30 feet. Waterproof and Phthalates free. 3 length: 1.25 diameter. Remote requires 2 Perma-Life batteries (included) that will last up to 1 year; Vibrating Egg requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

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16 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 22, 2012
This isnt a bad product but it wasnt what i was expecting. The range wasnt nearly what i was hopeing for. however it did, at closer range accomplish what i was after.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 25, 2012
it didn't work good at all. and when you put it in the water it stopped working all together.
Playful1 Verified Buyer
Mar 17, 2012
fairly good product
Very well made product, but not quite strong enough vibrations. Maybe 3 batteries in the egg instead of two would improve this.
Sam Verified Buyer
Mar 14, 2012
Not Working!
I could not get this to work straight out of the packaging. I tried the batteries several different ways but it was a no go. Dead.
riido18 Verified Buyer
Feb 19, 2012
an alright product
this items is fun at first but as you prolong the play usage you have to take precautions to make sure the items continues to work, don't apply to much force to the strings n let it rest for a max of ten minutes. my only problem was it had overheated i guess and did not respond to the remote and continued to run, plus the cord to remove it had broke, so this is an OK item, needs some adjustments for it
Woofpdx Verified Buyer
Feb 14, 2012
Not at all worth it
I bought this Because the vibrators I use (usually the regular bullet kind) Always seem to have issues on the wiring part. But this one was no help: Cons: 1.when it arrived was not as nice looking as the one in the picture. The one in the picture looks metallic and black, The one I got has flowers on it. Kid you not. 2. The vibrations were so WEAK,I haven't even used it, really. I'm not one that needs a strrong vibration, but my cell phone vibrates harder than this thing. 3. Its loud! SO loud! 4.The remote requires some battery I've never even heard of (smaller than a AAA. Weird.) good thing it came with one. However,difficult to replace. Pros: It came on time. Unfortunately I did not. I wouldn't buy it.
Billy Verified Buyer
Feb 9, 2012
Mind of its own
When we got this product and tried it out,within an hour or so the remote became unresponsive to the bullet. We tried to get closer but the remote would not respond at all and the bullet would stay running.
Peggy Verified Buyer
Feb 8, 2012
Not Functioning Properly
When batteries were placed in egg it started viberating and the remote controller had no effect. Would not turn off or adjust speed.
Disappointed Verified Buyer
Feb 2, 2012
Do Not Buy
This product started out great. It was tons of fun. As a couple, we really enjoyed the use of this product. I was actually fun having a wireless remote to play with the speeds. The problem started when it was time to remove the toy. There is an insulated cable on one end of the toy that appeared to be anchored in well. Turns out it wasn't. Both ends of the cable broke free and the toy was unable to be removed. After an hour of trying to remove the toy, we had to face facts and make the embarrassing trip to the emergency room. It does seem like a fun toy. But I don't recommend. Play at your own risk
Brodie Verified Buyer
Jan 29, 2012
Not fully Working
Unfortunately we could not get all 10 functions to work on this egg.
LooLoo Verified Buyer
Jan 17, 2012
Not Working
So excited to receive our new Egg. Sadly it wouldn't even turn on. Patiently waiting on it's replacement. Verified Buyer
Dec 5, 2011
Expectations not met at all..
You have to have the remote right up close to the bullet (if not touching it) in order for the functions to change. Had to find different uses for it.. Can't use it for what it was intended for (which was to tease me from across the room/table).. NOT HAPPY and not worth what I paid in total for the product :/
MMM Verified Buyer
Nov 22, 2011
Item never turned on fresh out of the box! Waiting for my replacement.
MMM Verified Buyer
Nov 22, 2011
Product Not Working
I recieved this item but when i put in battiers it does not work. They are mailing me a new one!
Capt. Crunch Verified Buyer
Sep 9, 2011
A superior wireless vibrator_____
It,s easy to clean with soap and/or alcohol & doesn,t stain like a lot of products that use cheap plastic. However I would like to know can you store it with the batteries in AND what about the Remotes replacement battery after it goes bad?
Alana Eberhardt Verified Buyer
Jun 25, 2011
Lots of fun to use secretly!
This egg is a bit bigger than I expected - a little bigger than a regular egg vibe, but it slips in easily. The only problem I had with it at first was that it lost connection to the remote once or twice...getting away from my cell phone and computer helped this so I assume it was a signal problem. I found taking the batteries out and putting them back it to reset it cleared it up. It can be a bit loud, especially on it's highest setting, but is totally useable in public as long as you aren't in a totally quiet room (my boyfriend and I tested it in a club and in a hot tub & both were super fun!) Giving the remote to someone else to control is just HOT!

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