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Cock Master Penis Extension 10 Inch - Beige Sex Toy Product

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Cock Master Penis Extension 10 Inch - Beige

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(22 Reviews)
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Product Details

  • Weight: 12.00 Ounces
  • Width: 1.70 Inches
  • Length: 10.50 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 10.00 Inches
  • Features: Hollow
    Hollow - A toy empty space inside the shaft to accommodate a penis or house a vibrator.
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Beige
  • Texture: Veiny
    Veiny - Quality of raised markings that bear a physical resemblance to the veins on a penis.
  • Shapes: Phallic
    Phallic - Resembles a penis.
  • Other: Dimensions Confirmed
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Brand: The Classics
  • UPC: 782421116309
  • SKU: DJ0258-00
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Product Description

Need some extra length and girth? Doc Johnsons Cock Master is a penis extension for your love making needs. Its a durable and realistic sheathe that will give you the size and confidence to penetrate your partner. The hollow dong slips on an erect or semi-erect penis. The incredible vacuum once you are inside ensures that the Cock Master wont slip. Give your f*ck buddy the orgasmathon they fantasize with the Cock Master. It is made from non-phthalate body safe material, which includes Doc's anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula and is proudly made in America.
  • PVC 10.10 inch Cock Master Penis Extension
  • Hollow inner length 5 inches
  • Phallic Shaped
  • Sil-A-Gel Formula
  • 100% Phthalate Free

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22 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 1, 2013
Poor choice
Without the rigid plastic piece in place the extension is way too soft, with it in place it is way to uncomfortable to use as anything other than a dildo
Frank Verified Buyer
Feb 12, 2013
The name says it all
Wow, I got this more as a joke and was pleased to see when it arrived that it was huge. Started with some vintage porn with my GF and lots of foreplay and 69 to get her ready and she rolled onto her knees to take it doggie style which gave me time to slip this bad boy on. No need for lube with this gal and she began to moan as soon as I slid the head in and she took it all and screamed the whole while. After she had come multiple times, I slipped it off and finished her and me. She loved it. You need lube to get it on and if you've got a mushroom like me you can't get your cock all the way in. Its long, its heavy and it takes a hand to get into position for penetration...but its fun and makes good Catholic girls howl.
rayray Verified Buyer
Nov 4, 2012
very good product
i like this product a lot. i have a six inch penis fits good, the only problem it makes it to long, can only put in my wife's pussy to it hits my dick. i don't fill nothing when i have sex with my wife when i use it. it is perfect because it takes my wife a while to orgasm. so it works for me and i don't cum to fast.she will not admit it but she likes it a lot. we had sex three times in one day, which we have not done in a very long time.
jbelvl Verified Buyer
Apr 21, 2012
Too big for me, but probably fine for others.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 2, 2012
WildOne Verified Buyer
Oct 19, 2011
Very Big!
I guess I am not a good judge of sizes, I have a small anal probe, the .75" dia I think and wanted something just a little bigger, but this is at least 4 times bigger. That said, it appears to be of very high quality, perfect size and room to put a vibrator on the open end, and the texture is also great, just wish it was not so big around.
Tiny Verified Buyer
Dec 22, 2010
bout time
Well I must admit that years of time has gone by and I still have a tiny cock all the girls laugh at. EEven in high school they did. My GF mom saw me from the shower and said, omg! no way my daughter is doing that...giggle. So I tried the extender and now my cock is big like girls want and I have actually gotten big time looks in the ladies stores in the mall as we walk around shopping. I finally admit that Big Cock does rule and now I have more little cock here!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 29, 2010
wife loves it
I got this for my wife and she has never had a big cock before. At first she said it was too big, but after trimming off about a inch and some lube and I was able to fill her pussy up with this. She loves the over-sized head, but if your wife or lady is not use to big cock it will be uncomfortable the first couple of times. Now we use this every time we fuck and she cums and keeps on cumming. If the inside is too long it can be cut to fit so you can get suction to keep it on. It does have a plastic smell to it also.
itzy Verified Buyer
Dec 31, 2009
itzie bitzie to hung
This extender works great. My GF has always laughed from seeing my 3" cock from the beginning and told her friends too, but now after the cock master I finally have a cock a girl wants. Her friends saw pics of my 3" cock and laughed so bad then saw pics of my new Cock Master 10" and now crave me. My GF now brags and has me wear it in public under my pant leg. Wow do the chicks look close at my cock now in the malls!...Thanks!
Massageman Verified Buyer
Oct 8, 2009
From a guy that's been around
I am an Erotic Massage Therapist..Women get a nice massage from me, but also expect orgasms from fucking them or using toys.. I slipped this on my 6" cock and made more than one lady cum till she passed out from continuous orgasms. Gave extra width which pleased them as well as the length. Even after cumming inside the sleeve--it stayed on..has incredible vacuum hold to keep it on..I highly recommend it for those of you who wish to add to your lovemaking skills.
with a Happy Wife Verified Buyer
May 18, 2009
Wide-Eyed Orgasms
My wife had not used many toys before this. She is in her 50's and we are new to the toy world. She saw this extension on the website as we were looking through the products and wanted to add it to the shopping cart. I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of wearing it at first, but that changed almost immediately. I am normal sized (6.5 x 1.5) and with lubrication it slides right on. The insertion area is a bit shorter than I would like, but it stays on in almost any situation. When we first tried it I stood by the edge of the bed, and she laid back with her legs spread, and I could see she was anticipating the first contact. We made sure it was well lubed, I slipped it in her vagina, and slid the extension slowly and carefully inside her. At first entrance she was suddenly wide-eyed, gasping for short breaths and began to orgasm immediately. I slid the extension in and out smoothly carefully, and deeply. She had continuous orgasms - one after another. I noticed that she spread her legs farther and farther apart - far more than usual, as though she could not spread enough for the extra large encounter we were having. She must have orgasmed for a full twenty minutes in one position, and we continued using it in other positions. She was able to receive a full ten inches of it - maybe more. When I wear it, it probably is 12 to 13 inches long because of the way it fits, and it adds a little more girth as well. It is top heavy and wants to fall forward, but it simply means that I have to hold it occasionally as I slide it in and out. This has become a favorite toy for my wife. She has been afraid of most toys, and especially if they are large, but she loves this extension, and orgasms almost on contact. Sometimes she uses it without me attached, and that is fun to watch as well. I wish I had the first encounter filmed - it was absolutely amazing.
Him N Her Verified Buyer
Sep 24, 2008
Review of DJ0258-00
Did not work as expected, it was front heavy and a little too much for her.I am already well built and it added way too much. It was so front heavy it pull your cock down. It was uncomfortable for her also.
pete Verified Buyer
Sep 19, 2008
Review of DJ0258-00
I bought this product as another part of my orgasmo man costume and once the ladies all saw it they luved it. While there was no need to use it over my penis it was great to use over the standard plastic vibrators. Sure helps hit places no mans gone before!!
Don Verified Buyer
Aug 4, 2008
Review of DJ0258-00
Did not work as advertized. Very heavy and awkward. Was a waste of my money. Would have been better if it actually stayed on with or without an erection.
Murphy Verified Buyer
Jul 25, 2007
Review of DJ0258-00
Bought this for extra length and girth. Have the dildo version in 8 inch and she liked it. She says my real one is just fine 6 long 1.5 wide. So I bought this to fit on me. With lube it slides right on. I cut the length down a little. Her story is that she doesnt mind toys once in awhile. Once I used this on her She loves it. The extra length and girth make her go crazy. I pulled it almost all the way out and she slid down the bed after it trying to get more. I use it alot. Highly recommend it. She said when its warm it feels real.
angela c ( Illinois ) Verified Buyer
Aug 8, 2005
Review of DJ0258-00
My BoyFriend bought this and snuck it in to bed ...and all i could say was WOW. Hes as wide as it is so i had no idea he had it on till i felt it so deep inside me. he also used it in my ass .. my god i never came so hard before in my life. This is a great extender Verified Buyer
Jul 12, 2005
Review of DJ0258-00
It works great! I use it every day to give me the appearance of having a longer flaccid penis. It is well worth the price it attracts attention when in public, and has let me get with many ladies. I only use it to attract attention in public. It shows through my pants. I never have to use it in the bed room
Very disappointed Verified Buyer
Jul 9, 2005
Review of DJ0258-00
I thought that I would have an orgasmic night with my wife. What I ended up with is her yelling in pain, and neither one of us got off. My wife was yelling in pain because the material itÂ’s made out of absorbs lubricant. It does not glide very well at all. Guys, if you have an average size cock, it is impossible to get your erect penis in the sleeve. Also, the head of the extension is so heavy that it pulls your penis downward to an uncomfortable position. DonÂ’t waste your money on this sleeve. We threw ours away the next day and you will do the same.
Donna Verified Buyer
May 14, 2005
Review of DJ0258-00
What a wonderful suprise!!! Husband tried this out without me knowing about it and it fealt realy good. Talk about a long love-making session!! Nice length and thickness. If your signicant other is out to please you, then let him try this out. He will last for hours. We are looking at other toys now. I realy like the big ones, and this is the place to shop. Thank you so very much.
JL Verified Buyer
Feb 24, 2005
Review of DJ0258-00
oh gosh! its so delightfull to have my man now have a huge cock. I was so unhappy and he was embarrassed everytime me or my girlfriends joined in and saw his tiny cock. Now I and sometimes my GFs enjoy my boyfriends big 10cock...I hated his lil 4 cock, but after the Cock Master! his 4 cock is history! And everybody knows the Girls Love Big Cock with no room for sissy tiny cocks! Thanks again...Jennie
JP Verified Buyer
Feb 24, 2005
Review of DJ0258-00
my gosh! this is a great cock extender! I almost burst when my boyfriend pounded my little girl pussy! All we could hear was the huge head pop in and out of me as I screamed in delight. I was use to his very little cock and when he surprised me with a huge 10 I didnt hesitate having it slammed in deep. It was great feeling such a massive cock in me and bouncing off his increadable huge balls. I love his huge cock now and never want to go back to his punny little 4 cock ever again or any other guy who has a tiny useless cock! We girls crave and must have big!
TJ Verified Buyer
Jan 4, 2005
Review of DJ0258-00
This is a great Cock extender. I have used others and my girlfriends pussy is so tight that she could actually chew up those cyber others exposing my little cock again and spoiling the moment. Once I sliped on the Cock master over my 3 cock she gasped in delight and her pussy has been unable to chew threw this massive cock and now I am her hung stud over that pitifull 3 she complained about! Thanks for a great product!!!!

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