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Shared Publicly - Jul 24, 2014

Check out this Buzzfeed video that explores the sensational world of sex toys that covers sex toy history and other interesting tidbits such as:

-A 28,000-year-old dildo was unearthed in German cave in 2005.
-The first electric vibe weighed 40 pounds. It was invented around 1880 to relieve muscle aches and hysteria.
-Sex toy sales are banned in Alabama. The state attorney general claims that there is no fundamental right to buy a device that produces orgasms.
-It is illegal to own more than six dildos in Texas.
-The Journal of Sex Medicine says 52.5 percent of women surveyed have used a vibrator before.
-The sex toy market boomed during the recent recession.
-According to Adam & Eve, the top three sex toy states are South Dakota, West Virginia and Idaho.
-The most expensive sex toy in the world is a white gold dildo worth $59,154. It contains an 18-carat diamond ring covered with 117 diamonds.
-After Fifty Shade of Grey became popular, sales in bondage toys reportedly increased about 50 percent.

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Sex Toy Dave's Corner

Sex Toy Dave
Note From Dave:

“Walking the red carpet at the Xbiz Award show and interviewed by Sunny Leone. We have won retail site of the year twice. ”

About Dave:

Dave bought SexToy.com in 1995 and has been a leader in selling sex toys online ever since. Dave is most well known for appearances on several reality shows including seasons 1 and 2 on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker.

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