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Beauty and Body products including bath, shower, sexy make-up, & pheromones scents.

Heighten personal or partner pleasure with SexToy's overflowing assortment of erotic beauty and body products. We have all the accouterments you need to enhance your next pleasure session, including essentials like oral sex gel and tingling nipple balm that'll have your toes curling in no time. Pick up bath and body products that make partner play extra enjoyable or boost masturbation with topical orgasm enhancers. No matter your level of skin sensitivity or personal preferences, SexToy has a fantastic stimulating bath and body product for you.

We carry a great assortment of enticing pheromone-infused products designed to draw in curious partners, including pheromone cologne, perfume, lotion and oil that's sure to get your companion in the mood. Some of these products offer dual-action benefits to attract those around you while simultaneously moisturizing, healing and refreshing your skin. If you're a lover of hydro play, you'll appreciate our sexy bath and shower essentials that are ideal for drawing a hot bath. We also carry unique erotic bath accessories, including suction handles and foot rests that turn your standard shower into a pleasure paradise.

Don't forget to explore our huge selection of erotic edible products that add a sweet sensuality to oral sex and foreplay. Yummy body toppings, edible paints and lickable lotions bring a whole new enjoyment factor to erotic adventures. Top name brands and trusted manufacturers ensure that you enjoy new experiences without irritation, dryness or allergies. If you're new to SexToy, you'll appreciate our satisfaction and privacy guarantee that comes with every order. You can discreetly purchase all your favorite naughty toys and essentials without worrying about your privacy. You're sure to find something to suit your needs in our extensive selection of low-priced erotic goods.

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