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Sexy Costume Wigs for roleplaying & Halloween in sexy styles, lengths & colors.


Let your alter ego free for one night only with these sexy wigs from SexToy. Ideal for your sexy Halloween costumes, cross-dressing adventures or naughty role-playing sessions, these sexy wigs help you channel your inner freak. We carry costume wigs and sex doll wigs in every color, cut and style imaginable - from long cotton candy blue wigs to sexy blonde curl wigs - to suit your specific goals. We can help you curate the perfect naughty costume with wigs for zombies, devils, skeletons, vampires, dominatrices and much more. We offer deluxe synthetic wigs that bounce back to their original shape when washed.

You'll find a wig style in our selection that matches your unique alter ego. Shop shoulder-length wigs, bob wigs, big hair wigs, neon colored wigs and super sexy blonde wigs in this massive collection. SexToy is a popular destination for those in search of EDM wigs, including neon wigs, futuristic wigs and rainbow-colored wigs for your next rave or festival. Complete the look with a pair of furry leg warmers and a micro-mini skirt and you'll be all set for the scene. We also carry funny men's wigs, like our popular Black Mullet Wig, as well as stick-on mustaches for all of your funny men's costumes.

Most of our sexy wigs come with adjustable inner bands to ensure that they suit a wide variety of head sizes. They're fitted with comfortable interior caps and itch-free materials so that you're completely comfortable throughout the night. Want to let the wig guide the costume? Make sure to explore our enormous selection of costumes, including X-rated costumes and costume accessories, after you've picked your wig. SexToy backs every single purchase with a 100 percent privacy and satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your wig purchase, you can send it back within 30 days of ownership with no questions asked.

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