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Sex Toy Care including sex toy cleaners, wipes and powders.

Keep your sex toy in great shape by using toy- and body-safe sex toy cleaners from SexToy. As an authority on adult toys, we have all the essentials you need to keep yours in play for longer. These cleaners are designed to be used before or after sex toy use to disinfect and remove any bacteria that could occur after use. Not only do they make your toy extra safe for playtime, but they also keep your toy looking and operating at its best so it stays in your play cache for years. Using regular old soap or non-toy cleaners can be harmful to you and your toy, so it's best to stick with specialized solutions.

Shop sex to cleaning spray, cleaning wipes and powders from our huge selection. We have a great variety of unique sex toy renew powders. These are highly effective powder cleaners designed for soft, realistic sex toys. They help your lifelike toys retain their softness, even after years of use, to keep them performing at their best. We have toy-specific options, such as Fleshlight Renewing Powder, as well as products that you can use on almost all of your flesh-like toys. All you have to do is coat the toy and it'll return to its original fleshiness.

Our bestselling sex toy cleaners include the popular Before and After Adult Toy Cleaner. This is a quick spray-on solution that you can store alongside your toys for quick anti-bacterial cleaning anytime. If you prefer a more discreet or compact cleaner, you may prefer to use cleaning wipes that you can toss in your bag or luggage with all your travel-sized adult toys. Every order placed at includes a 100 percent satisfaction and privacy guarantee, so you can trust us with your purchase no matter what.

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