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Sensual Massage products including massage oils and candles for erotic massage.

Give foreplay a leg up with these enticing sensual massage products. Featuring massage lotion, sensual massage oil, romantic candles and more, our selection includes all the essentials you need for a full-body erotic massage and enhanced intimacy pre- or post-playtime. They're all designed to reduce stress and help you reconnect with your partner by giving you that special touch that aids in alone tome. Some of these products contain pheromones to trigger sexual arousal and help you get in the mood. offers a huge selection, low prices and free shipping on orders over $55.

We carry the best massage oils on the market, including edible and warming massage oil that entices the erogenous zones. Great-tasting flavors like passion fruit and strawberry turn touch to taste for pleasant pre-play massage all over your body. Pick out options infused with essential oils, vitamins and all-natural skin-boosters to add moisturizing, healing and rejuvenation powers to your one-on-one massage or try products that gradually warm, tingle or cool. We make it easy to find the right erotic oil for your skin type, with oil-based, paraben-free, phthalate-free and hypoallergenic options that won't cause irritation.

Looking for the perfect sensual massager? We stock dozens of styles that turn your fingertips into enticing pleasure-boosters. Check out our massaging gloves with built-in rolling balls for all-over stress and tension reduction or try out a warming hand-held massager that brings big heat to your rub-downs. We also carry a variety of vibrating massagers that are perfect for sensual massage and personal enjoyment. SexToy is the perfect place to buy all of your erotic essentials, from romantic, pheromone-infused candles to top-of-the-line sex toys. The best part is, your order is backed by a guarantee to ensure complete privacy and satisfaction with every purchase.

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