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Discreet Vibrators cleverly disguised as lipsticks & luxury gadgets.


Whether you’re in search of a disguised sex toy or a super quiet vibrator, has the option for you in this amazing selection of discreet vibrators. Often times, these inconspicuous sex toys are masked as other, non-sexual objects, such as tube of lipstick, a rubber ducky, a makeup brush or even a fully functioning hairbrush. These compact, quiet vibrators are designed to keep you on the down-low, with quiet motors and disguised shapes that no one will suspect.

SexToy carries popular lipstick vibrators that are exactly the same size as a real-life tube of lipstick but feature a small yet powerful clitoral vibrator beneath the cap. These fun and handy mini vibes are ideal as Valentine’s Day gifts or bachelorette party gifts for ladies you love. All of the items in this selection of small vibrators include a satisfaction and privacy guarantee to ensure that your personal information and purchases are kept completely private.

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