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Sex Toy Cleaning Wipes for intimate cleaning and care.


Proper sex toy care is an important part of keeping your favorite toys performing at their best for the long run. Sex toy wipes are absolutely ideal for the on-the-go or traveling sex toy lover, because they allow you to quickly and easily disinfect and refresh your toys wherever you find yourself. is an authority when it comes to sex toy care, so you can always trust us to help you find the appropriate cleaners for your specific toys and sensitivities. Top brands such as AfterGlow and System JO make body-safe sex toy cleaning wipes for tossing in your toy chest.

Many of these products are not only designed to effectively clean your toys, but also to gently clean the body after sex. Ideal for storing in your night stand for post-playtime cleanup, these products are equipped with gentle yet effective cleaners that thoroughly wipe away body fluids, lube and residue from you and your pleasure playthings. When shopping for dual-action body and sex toy cleaners, choose water-based or paraben-free options if you have sensitive skin. SexToy carries fantastic cleaners for all types of sex toys, including silicone toys and PVC toys.

Many of our intimate care wipes are fortified with moisturizing and soothing ingredients such as aloe, vitamin E and chamomile. They're perfect for quickly cleaning up after solo sessions or partner play and often include fragrance or odor inhibitors that get rid of gross odors that can accrue after years of device use. SexToy is the best place to purchase sex toys and sex toy cleaners, because we always back every single purchase with a 100 percent privacy and satisfaction guarantee. That means you get completely discreet shipping and billing plus a liberal return policy to protect your purchase.

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