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Sex Toy Renew Powders for soft realistic sex toys.


Sex toy renewing products are unique powder cleaners designed to revitalize all of your soft, realistic sex toys. You can use them to quickly and thoroughly re-soften and refresh your CyberSkin toys, Fleshlight toys and much more. They help your lifelike toys retain their softness, even after years of use, and keep them looking and feeling brand-new. These powders work like magic: All you have to do is coat the toy before storage and it'll return to its original softness for that super soft and realistic texture you love. Many of these sex toy powders are made from 100 percent cornstarch or a blend of cornstarch and other quality ingredients for safe use on all realistic toys.

We offer plenty of high-quality, brand-specific options, such as Fleshlight Renewing Powder, as well as universal renewing powders that you can use on almost all of your flesh-like toys. Additionally, we stock CyberSkin Renew powder that's specifically designed for use with all of your CyberSkin material toys to maintain the toy's lifelike texture for the long run. Many of our toy renewing powders are also uniquely formulated to keep your toy from getting sticky or oily in-between uses for a more enjoyable and lower maintenance toy experience. All toys are 100 percent body safe and designed to improve your toy's texture without causing skin irritation.

We always recommend giving your toy a thorough clean with one of our sex toy cleaners before applying renew powder. This will help clear away any dirt, odor and debris and give your toy the most like-new feeling. Browse best-selling powders for revitalizing your lifelike dildos, masturbators and strokers made by toy and toy care brands like Zero Tolerance Toys, Hustler Toys, SexFlesh, Pipedream Extreme Toyz and much more. Every single product from includes 100 percent discreet shipping and billing to keep your purchases low-key. If you're not pleased with your purchase, you can always return it within 30 days of ownership for a full refund.

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